Ban the burnout

with efficient operational systems and structure for your wellness business

Are you feeling burnt out or stressed in your wellness business?
Perhaps you’re overbooked and working too many hours each week?
Or, maybe you need to add more systems and structure but you’re not sure how?

That’s where Holistic Business can help.

Holistic Business provides coaching and support to overbooked wellness entrepreneurs to help you implement the operational systems, structures and efficiencies required to prevent (and recover from) burnout.

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Quarter Queens Program

Hi, I'm Bel

I see you.
Struggling. Tailspinning. Rollercoastering.

Caught up in the shoulds.
Feeling like you’re getting busier but things aren’t flowing. Scattered energy.

Let’s streamline your systems and cultivate congruency across your business and life.


Belinda has been supporting Inspire My Business for the past few years and is an absolute asset to the team. Belinda brings a breadth of skills and experience that help get things done, make things operate more smoothly and enable me to focus on the things I love doing. She is an absolute pleasure to work with through her proactive approach, flexibility and energy. If you want to improve your systems, online presence and have someone in your corner that helps you stay on track, Belinda is for you.

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