Quarter Queens

slay Q4 2020

Quarter One

January – March

Quarter Two

April – June

Quarter Three

July – September

Quarter Four

October – December

It’s nearly the end of 2020.

You’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed at times, feeling like the to-do list is growing but your business isn’t? Perhaps, dare I say it, there’s even some resentment for your clients or your business? At times it may feel like your motivational cycle fluctuates so violently that you’re not even sure you’re cut out for this business gig…


In one quarter (12 weeks), I’ll give you the tools, the insights and the actions to change this all around.


Quarter Queens is a program that focuses on systems, strategy, and sustainability, and so your business foundations are set up to serve you as a human (not as a machine!!).

I open up my mind and heart and teach you what I have learnt across 13 years in business, working with hundreds of small businesses, seeing some fail and some succeed (I want you to be part of the latter).

The secret is supportive and soulful systems.

Quarter Queens is a 90 day program to move you (and your business) from burnout to bossin’.

It runs in tune with the yearly quarters, so if you miss out on this round, it’ll be another 3 months until enrolment is open again.

Want to know the deets?!

The program includes:

  • 5 x 1:1 calls to give you actionable steps and insights to move you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Ongoing support and accountability so you get the best results from this program
  • Q&A group sessions
  • Access to an exclusive online community
  • Access to a membership portal full of tools, tutorials, templates and training.

Across three core modules (Self, Systems, Sustainability), we will unpack the reasons behind why it can be so hard to stay on track with your business, to remain structured, to keep motivation and to actually achieve the goals you set out.

Then we work together to change that.

Once you have your unique framework, this will act as your motivational, organisational and operational blueprint to move forward and achieve what you set out to.


Once you’ve earned your crown (after your first round/quarter), you’ll have 12 months free access to all of the training materials and community.

This is the last time the program will run at this price, it will be even more jam-packed of resources next year. Think of it as my beta round before the uplevel in 2021!
So sign up now for Q4 at this price and you automatically gain access to all the new resources coming out next year!!

Order my crown.

Enrolments for Quarter Queens Q4 2020 is now open.
Investment is
$1897 or 3 monthly payments of $667


3 x $667

Who is this for?

Small business owners, solopreneurs, creatives and side hustlers – you’re in my sights! Especially if you struggle to implement your ideas or get overwhelmed with all the things.
Too often I hear of big dreams and ‘ideal businesses’ never coming to fruition because of poor planning leading to poor execution.
Or fast growth and then a burnout-inducing scramble to create the foundations to sustain it.
Or a scalable idea or project that doesn’t launch due to tech-fear.
I am here to change that.

My Approach

I’m someone who can look at a goal or idea or business model, and see all the small action steps that need to be planned for (often things that people don’t even think of), where the energy needs to be placed and when, and help you to see the yellow brick road for how to make your dreams materialise.
My zone of genius lies in the how-to (plus I like to make it as easy and empowering as possible).
After being in the business realm for 13 years, across marketing, business support and management, and then spending the last three years deep diving into helping small business owners with tech (websites, ecourses, systems), I’ve come to know the key things that small biz owners struggle with. Couple this with being a naturopath also means that I come from a place of burnout-prevention (been there, done that multiple times!) so I help to facilitate and implement from a space of flow and ease – not intensity.