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Business is growing (or you have plans to grow), but without foundational systems in place things aren’t sustainable. There’s stress, overwhelm. You feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail, there’s always something to do but you never feel like you can pause to take a breath. You have different systems and multiple apps and have signed up for software that you think you need (is this really the best for you?) but it feels scattered and you’re not sure how it should all integrate. You want your business to play with who you are as a human, to feel congruent with your life, and for it to just be easier.

Has a knack for knowing which systems may suit your personality. Can reverse engineer your visions from a tech and systems perspective. Thrives on details (and coffee). Overwhelm-dissipator. Tech hand-holder. Turns scatter into timelines and achievable milestones. Has seen inside hundreds of businesses from various industries and what makes them tick. Channels creativity into problem solving and believes that structure = freedom.

Do you want to make your business run efficiently, streamlined and profit-focused, rather than just as a hobby?

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