Holistic business

The health of the self + the health of the business

Ban the burnout. 

Business + tech

Why struggle when there are easy solutions?

Health + mindset

If you’re not full of vitality, how can your business thrive too?

The health of your self + the health of your business…
Why do we need tie both together?

The most successful entrepreneurs are often the healthiest.

As small business owners we know that the true health of our business is a reflection of our own health. 

Energetically, we know that if we are feeling off/foggy/fatigued, not only are we not bringing our best selves to our business, but it can often have negative affect on our bottom line – whether this be profit, clients not rebooking, not having the energy for working on your business (rather than just in it).

And on the flip side, our own health can often take a nosedive if we are feeling stressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and working to the bone in our business. 

Feel alive, energetic + inspired

Have your business work hard for you

Use technology to your advantage (even if you're a novice!)

Start living the entrepreneurial lifestyle you were BORN to.

Coaching Programs

To help you thrive both personally and professionally

Entrepreneurial Health

Naturopathy + nutrition to help you SHOW UP and give this life all you’ve got

Tech Resources

A little bit of know-how to catapault your business to new heights

Online Courses

*coming soon*

What is Holistic Business?

Holistic Business was born from a passion to help female entrepreneurs and business owners recover from (and prevent) burnout, whilst simulataneously giving them the tools and techniques to thrive both personally and within their business.

Hi, I'm Bel

I’m a naturopath + nutritionist who happens to also be a passionate entrepreneur + business operations strategist.

I get my kicks out of helping you overcome (and prevent!) burnout, get a handle on stress, and correcting imbalances in the body so you can thrive both personally and professionally.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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