Structure is stifling.
My business systems need work but it’s too overwhelming.
I love automation but I don’t know where to start.
I’ve copied the way I do things from my successful colleagues, but it still doesn’t feel easy…

Also you:

Why can’t I get anything done?
Why does my motivation fluctuate?
How come everyone is in flow but me?
Why am I ‘all-in’ on some days and want to throw my business in the bin on others?

Soul-Led Systems is here to help you create systems in both your personal and professional life so you can find your flow, increase impact and use productivity purposefully.

Self, Systems + Sustainability

Soul-Led Systems focuses on sustainable systems and processes, by bringing the human-ness back into how you do things not only as a woman, but as a woman in business.

Women do business differently.

We are cyclical beings. And that means that we can’t work from rigidity, we want our souls to feel supported. We want to feel like we have choice in how we are showing up each day, but we know that we need systems that support us rather than stifle us.

Let’s play with your parametres.

Want to know the deets?!

The group program covers:

Why we need systems and structure that supports who we are
How to work your business operations in with your strengths and personality
Energy management and scheduling
Automation – where it’s needed
Using your Soul Modes (aka motivational cycles) to be more productive and aligned.

How it’s delivered:

8 modules across 8 weeks
Fortnightly Q&A group sessions
Access to an exclusive Facebook community
Access to an online portal full of trainings, tools, and worksheets
Lifetime access with ability to join in on live rounds when you choose.


Pay in full – $777
Payment plan – 8 x $100 weekly